Sunday, August 8, 2010

Are Women Defective Males?

Cicero, the great Roman orator, once said:

To be ignorant of what happened before you were born is to be ever a child.

Poetic license allows Cicero's warning to be updated and converted into a warning to today's females, especially those who accept a second class status in everything as God's will:

To be ignorant of what happened before you were born is to be ever a "defective male."

Females in the world of the early organized Roman church were suspected of being less than human, mentally deficient and sexual temptresses leading men astray. Are women, then, defective males?

First, take a look at the dictionary definition of defective:

"...having faults....incomplete intelligence....noticeably subnormal physically or mentally."

Even more revealing are the synonyms for defective:
imperfect, incomplete, inadequate.

A new book recently published by Grace Walker, whose in-depth research included traveling to the Holy Land, reveals how the Catholic Church as an organized movement set out to denigrate all females past and future as "defective males."

As Walker writes, the reinvention of Mary Magdalene by Pope Gregory the Great "marked the beginning of a disturbing pattern of behavior that would contaminate the church and mutate and grow into the very fabric of the church for thousands of years."

Put in a different way, when Pope Gregory proclaimed Mary Magdalene a harlot redeemed by Christ about 1400 years ago, he set into motion a movement to keep women out of leadership, both in the church and in the world.

Walker's book, Women are Defective Males: The Calculated Denigration of Women by the Catholic Church and Its Disastrous Consequences Today, is written from the perspective of a Catholic convert educated in theology who loves her church.

The author happened to be a Methodist (as was I) who married a Catholic and then converted to Catholicism (as did I). So intent was she to learn about her new religion that she went back to school and earned a Master of Arts in Theology. Her church grabbed her immediately and capitalized on her dedication and skills by putting her to work in the church. As Director of Development for her Catholic parish she established new ministries and fellowship programs in her church.

Walker's superlative credentials give her a sturdy platform to write a book about her chosen church and what she has learned from its history.
According to Walker, Catholic seminaries today are teaching the "old school" catechism (including misogyny), and Mary Magdalene is once again being revealed as the most famous harlot in world art and Christian history. In the late 1960s Rome backed off that invented charge because there is no proof the Magdalene is a repentant prostitute as Pope Gregory professed. Now the charge is back.

When younger Catholics today are shocked, offended, and argumentative to learn that Jesus was Jewish, as Walker reports, it is visible proof that Rome does not insist on biblical studies. Keep in mind that Catholic dogma supersedes the bible in the eyes of the Catholic hierarchy.

As for women being defective men, Walker knows from her biblical studies and first hand interviews and research in the Holy Land that Jesus was "a Galilean Jew who preached equality for all: men, women, and children. His treatment of women particularly was considered radical and revolutionary for his time," she says.

Radical and revolutionary? Jesus knew that male and female are equal as created by God. It was those who argue against that truth who are the radicals and revolutionaries.

A Florida resident, the author has dedicated a portion of the book proceeds to support services for the homeless and for survivors of sexual abuse by priests.

As a postscript to this blog, my copy of Grace Walkers Women Are Defective Men came by way of a Catholic survivor of sexual abuse by her priest. I am purchasing this book to send to friends who are now fallen away Catholics, like me.

(Let me assure the reader that all Catholics, whether parishioners or priests,cannot be grouped into the false-theology/sexual abuse/misogyny sect of this mighty organization.)

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  1. As a priestess of African spirituality a medium and healer, back in the day, I would have been burnt at the stake just for being who I am. Today, I feel that this type of mentality is still upheld by some Catholic doctrines that do not teach truth. I am not trying to down any individual person for what they believe in or trying to get anyone to believe in me. However, I feel it necessary to say that I do feel that because a lot of truths about women have been deleted from History (Her Story) that women have been in falsehood made to seem as though we are "defective males."

    This conspiracy to keep women out of the world arena of life is on all levels. Even in the very words that are used to describe us. I resently made an analysis of some words used to describe women and the correlative meanings to other words, in particular the root of words, and this is what I came up with:

    LADY - LAY as in "get laid", LAID BACK or LAZY
    SISTER - RE-SISTER as in being one who resist
    WIFE - IFE as in Knife used to cut and destroy t
    FEMALE -FE as in FEE (pay)+ mal(bad)
    MADAM - MADAM as in MAD and DAMNED
    MISS - MISS as in LOST
    MOMMY - MOMMY as in MUMMY or unable to speak
    MATRIACH -MAT(to step on)RI(again)ACH(on top)

    My analysis of the above words is not to put women down but to show how far off we are in our thinking and how our thinking as affected our lives. Words do have power!

    To end my comment, I give thanks to Grace Walker for her devotion to discovering the telling the truth of Mary Magdalene, my blessed mother and spirit guide and to Julia Hughes Jones for sharing this blog with us. It is said in the Odu, sacred scripts of the Yoruba "the lie becomes the truth" when enough people believe it.

  2. African spirituality is the basis for such classic poetry and music as Amazing Grace! Thank you for your comments and your awareness of the status of females throughout history (where we were left out originally).